Ed Parker photographI have a lifelong interest in sports, wildlife and technology. My passion for photography is the culmination of all these interests.

I enjoy capturing the unique and spontaneous moments that wildlife and sports photography offer. Through my background in sports and long-standing interest in nature I try to use my knowledge to help create images that reveal something about the subject and the environment (be it the natural world or sporting competition).

My educational background is in Sport Science specialising in the area of Biomechanics. Following graduation from my Master’s degree I have worked a variety of IT roles including web development and as a test engineer. In 2006 I took a role creating digital learning resources in Biomechanics which rekindled my lifelong interest in photography. Producing both still images and video I realised the creative possibilities offered by modern digital cameras and post-production methods. It was also through this role that I developed teaching and mentoring experience which has given me the skills to offer personalised software training in using Adobe Lightroom.

Since 2006 I have developed my portfolio and artistic style and have been published in print and online within academia, charities and private clients (most notably to date for PricewaterhouseCoopers).

When I’m not taking photos or working on processing images my personal interests include cycling, hiking, cinema, travel and good food.

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